Automotive Embedded Applications

Engineering Services

GMIHU Automation provides full-cycle automotive-grade embedded software development and integration service. We offer a holistic approach to creating a digital experience in a car that encompasses in-vehicle systems, brought-in smart devices, and cloud. GMIHU offers years of in-depth experience in all aspects of in-vehicle software engineering, with a focus on the following these main areas:

  • ECU SOFTWARE Development & Testing
    • ECU Programming for Engine and Vehicle Functions
    • Instrument Cluster Development
    • Cruise Control
    • DNOX Control Unit
    • Diagnostics Software Development (I14229/I14230)
    • CAN Development
    • Safety ISO Standards
    • Vehicle/HIL Testing
    • MATLAB and Simulink
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment
    • Head Units
    • Digital Instrument Clusters
    • Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) systems
    • Driver and passenger multimedia and entertainment
  • Navigation
    • NDS mapping
    • Routing and guidance solutions
  • Connectivity
    • Wired and wireless technologies
    • Smartphone integration
    • Embedded Blink browser
    • Integration with Internet of Things

Expert & Skilled Professionals Consulting Services

Besides taking the complete tasks of services as mentioned above, we also provide the Consulting services by providing skilled Professionals to our clients.