PLC / SCADA / DCS implementation

We provide turnkey solutions for PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI, and ESD. Total Integrated Solutions are provided covering level 1 to level 3 of automation. We propose vendor independent, tailor made solutions optimally meeting the technical & budgetary targets of the client. The services cover engineering, supply, installation and testing/ commission of automation systems. All the services are performed in house/ at site and in close interaction with the client’s technical staff.

We offer various tiers of automation designed to fit the needs and requirements of the project, competitively, reliably and efficiently.

Hardware engineering:

• Detail Design Specification

• Marshalling panel Design,

• System Panel Design,

• Wiring data base,

• Power Distribution diagrams,

• Cable Schedule,

• Junction Box Schedule

• Instrument Loop Diagrams

• Interconnection Diagram

Software Engineering:

• Generation of Logics from FDS,

• Generation of Logics from C & E, Process Detail

• Detail Design Specification

• SCADA HMI & Graphics development

• Customized applications/programs

• IO Assignment lists,